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Charles Shewring

CEO | Director | Facilitator

Charles Shewring is an accomplished coordinator, resource investigator and shaper and is particularly interested in assisting the community and people within it, to accomplish whatever it is that they are committed to.

In a business sense this includes training business people in the concepts contained within the Sirolli Trinity of Management which maintains that there are three dimensions to a successful business: ‘The Product’, the ‘Marketing’ and the ‘Financial Management’. When business owners concentrate on doing only what they love to do in the business and form complimentary teams to do what they in turn love to do, they find that the performance and sustainability of their business is notably increased.

Charles also spearheads NISER’s representation with alliance partners, affiliates, auspiced organisations and various individuals, clubs, businesses, organisations and levels of government.

Charles facilitates and trains on behalf of NISER and oversees and undertakes many Community Projects including Development Planning, Grant and Funding Applications, Sport & Community Group Development, Business Assistance Programs and assistance for those committed to achieving their declared goals.

Further, Charles project manages some of NISER’s more significant Environmental Projects such as conducting the MERI for a Caring for our Country project on behalf of the Sunshine Coast Council and 22 local environmental Coastal Care and Bush Care groups.

Peg Thatcher


Peg Thatcher is the CEO and master trainer/coach of Swiss Consulting Group. She has been a public speaker, leadership coach and workshop facilitator for over 25 years on a variety of subjects, but always with a common theme: that something better is possible, whether it is your health or your wealth, your communication skills or your leadership. Peg mobilizes people for committed action; she has dedicated her life to people winning and realizing the future they want.

Peg was born in a tiny country hospital in Western Australia and grew up in Sydney. She was raised in the melting-pot of a large private hotel where she discovered that everyone has a story and a dream of a bright future.

In the 1990s, Peg worked as an international charity fundraiser who produced millions of dollars from far and wide, the muddy oil fields of Northern Canada and in the rarified atmosphere that surrounds Princes in Malaysia. As a fundraising coach, she helped non-profit leaders in 37 countries (Europe, East and South Asia, Africa, North America, and Oceania) produce breakthrough funding for the future of humanity. Her intercultural work made her a master of facilitating virtual and diverse teams.

Helen Keller said that life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. Whether trekking in the Himalayas, breaking through the obstacles to women’s powerful participation, leadership in the board rooms of international organizations, or working with the small businesses that are the backbone of our commercial world, Peg has always striven to unleash the spirit of people.

Peg is an articulate spokesperson who gave voice to millions of unsung leaders, Peg’s newspaper column was syndicated throughout Australia, Fiji and Tonga; and her talk-radio program won a broadcasting award. As people find their vision, they need a voice and a coach who stands outside the day-to-day issues and can see clearly what’s missing for growth and accomplishment. Doing it alone is just too difficult. As a coach, Peg helps people taking strategic and effective action to meet the future

Dr Guy Elston

Director | Research

Dr Elston is a world renownedbrain researcher who is committed to positively assisting people and the families of people who suffer from neurological disorders.

Dr Elston is also the founding Director of the Centre Cognitive Neuroscience located at Doonan

As a researcher Dr Guy Elston undertakes groundbreaking investigations of the brain that could impact on the study of mental illnesses such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and dementia as well as the brain’s recuperative ability following injury.

Dr Elston has been awarded numerous awards and scholarships for example, The James S McDonnell Foundation 21st Century “Bridging Brain Mind and Behaviour” Research Grant worth approx $1M. His neuroscience research into how differences in the complexity of brain circuits and in different species influence cognitive abilities has also received approx $4.8M grant from the Japanese Government.