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NISER provides various community services to support social, economic & environmental community development. We also undertake various programs to support people, organisations and communities. Examples of services include access to current scientific papers regarding Mental Health and Brain Development, advanced Environmental Services such as research for UNESCO Man and the Biosphere program and Community Economic Development enterprise projects. NISER has access to world class consultants and can provide services to assist you and your activities or enterprises to be successful.

Access to support for successful grant, tender and funding applications … read more

NISER also has the capacity to assist individuals and organisations throughout all aspects of their grant and tender strategies including concept development and submissions … read more

NISER has specialist environmental researchers experienced in UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Research; Research on Rivers, River Health & Landscape Design; Environmental Research and Revegetation and Rehabilitation Projects …. read more

Our team of consultants are experienced, skilled and always happy to provide advice and support for your projects or endeavours … read more

We are skilled at assisting individuals, businesses, clubs, corporations, government, NGO’s, community groups and communities in achieving their intended goals, results and outcomes … read more

Design of Authorship, Partnering & Conducting. Through collaborative partnerships, NISER helps organisations determine their strengths, develop a roadmap, effectively act on it, and create the capability to continually generate outstanding results … read more

NISER organises and conducts successful community programs, projects and events … read more

Our skilled team also has the capacity to help organise and manage all of your community activities … read more

NISER’s coaching services are unique and valuable experiences for anyone needing to improve their performance. This includes those wishing to start their own business or develop a project … read more

We offer professional advice and mentoring services as well as one-off consultations. We can also provide an ongoing structure for weekly or monthly interactions … read more

NISER offers a wide range of innovative education and training programs across the board … read more

Providing clarity of purpose is a hallmark of these programs which are aimed at Individuals, Groups, Businesses, Organisations and Communities … read more

We can design and develop  economic and enterprise development projects. We can also oversee them to ensure a successful outcome … read more