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Making relevant research has been a foundation principle for NISER since it was established in 2006. Our wide range of research activities include reports, briefs, guides, commentary, evaluations, feasibility studies and more.

Our approach to research

As specialists in research design, we do not sell particular research methods. NISER’s strength lies in our proven ability to tailor the optimal methods for each specific assignment. The majority of our projects integrate several methods (now recognised as “mixed methods”) to deliver the information and recommendations which meet our client’s needs.

Some of the core methodologies that we employ in our research and evaluations are:


  • Online Surveys
  • Telephone Surveys
  • E-Mail Surveys
  • Postal Surveys
  • Face-to-Face Surveys
  • Review of Existing data


  • Focus-groups
  • Depth interviews
  • In situ observations
  • Workshops & Forums
  • Calls for submission
  • Cognitive clinics

Desk Research

  • Literature Reviews
  • Document Reviews
  • Consultations
  • Meta-evaluation
  • Financial review
  • Legislation & policy

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