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In today’s competitive global marketplace, a few organisations (5%) rise to the top, some (25%) make it while most others may fall behind. Top-tier communities, groups and organisations constantly seek ways to transform doing ‘business as usual’ to actually sustaining peak performance. We can support this endeavour with our world class analysis, reports and studies.

“Lasting change happens when an organisation becomes clear about where they are at, what they value, align on a shared purpose and then enable people to capitalize on their strengths.”

Through collaborative partnerships, NISER helps organisations determine their strengths, develop a roadmap, effectively act on it and create the capability to continually generate outstanding results.

Our comprehensive range of services are as dynamic as our clients. They are suited to communities, individual projects or entire organizations and tailored to meet the specific objectives of each engagement.

Programs include:

  • Asset Development: This involves conducting needs analysis research. It is designed to clarify where you are at, what your full range of assets are and produce a report to forward your access to resources, grants and additional support services.
  • Leadership Development: This is a study of your community, group or organisation’s leadership dynamics. It also gives you viable and effective new options which are designed to unleash the full potential of your enterprise and help you accomplish your goals.
  • Sustainable Business Development: This means researching your organisational culture and then aligning your vision, culture and actions so that it supports and positively impacts on your sustainability.
  • Coaching: Our coaches listen, observe and customise their approach to each client’s individual needs; this fosters an effective and successful coaching relationship

“Communities and organisations seeking sustainable results must increasingly engage in a meaningful way with the world beyond their own boundaries.”

Asset Development:

NISER provides strategic and project management consulting to a wide range of community, business and government entities. As the size and complexity of projects increase, so do the challenges. Under NISER’s guidance, diverse teams learn how to achieve exceptional results in the face of dynamic environments from a foundation of clear accountabilities, shared expectations and coordinated actions.

Our work often really begins when we establish and ensure strategic alignment and focus on an inspiring and agreed outcome. We are known for bringing out the best in people, teams and organizations, facing challenges with thoughtfulness, commitment and creativity.

Leadership Development:

Today’s organizations face many challenges for which there may be no easy answers. This situation requires a new way of leading to emerge – one that energises people to take action toward shared goals while challenging outdated paradigms. Leadership must emerge from across a community and/or organisation and we are committed to supporting those pursuing the courage and skill needed to successfully address their toughest challenges.

Always in service of an agreed outcome, our leadership programs are tailored to each presenting issues. We have worked with some of the world’s most respected companies to design an approach that complements and energizes existing leadership development programs.

Sustainable Business:

Communities and organisations seeking sustainable results must increasingly engage in a meaningful way with the world beyond their own boundaries. This includes purposeful engagement with everybody that your specific enterprise interacts with as well as being mindful of any subsequent environmental impacts.

We can assist your community and enterprise in the discovery of a clear vision of a sustainable future, align this around common goals and create long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships. We work with you to ensure that the vision creation process includes a shared understanding which unleashes creative action in all and positively influences the future of the enterprise.


The NISER approach to coaching helps people make the necessary changes to produce desired results. Our coaches listen, observe and customise their approach to each client’s individual needs, which fosters an effective and successful coaching relationship.

Through this approach, our clients cultivate leadership within their organization and enjoy the overall process of developing new skills and core competencies.