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Tahlecion Jaay

Personal evolution – creating a more successful life path with numerology

Numerology can help you to overcome limiting beliefs, recognise your potential and achieve more success in business and personal relationships.

Business or Personal Numerology Readings help with resolution of key business or life issues and help untangle the complexities of relationships.

Numerology is a highly effective tool that helps you clarify your goals and dreams and determine your strengths and challenges A numerologist helps you choose more effective name changes and more successful business or website names.

Considering a particular day or date to launch a project? Your personal year and month is a key – the right direction at the right time

For a consultation, numerology reading or personal appearance or event please contact Tahlecion Jaay

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Phone: (+44) 020 7482 3133 or mobile (+44) 0919 134 140

One of Dubai’s leading numerologists now based in London and consulting worldwide.


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