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NISER – The Power of One Project

Anne White
Manager | The Power of One Project

Raising much needed funds for The ‘Cradle of Love Orphanage’
in Tanzania.

Please donate and support this wonderful endeavour. (see link below)

(Mobile Active Recreation & Creative Community Art Space)

Lillian Adele & Jonas Tiexiera
Directors | MARACCAS

Conducting youth programs in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, South East Queensland and international exchange projects in Brazil and Columbia in South America.

Programs include arts, theatre, dance, music, yoga, karate, rock climbing and active recreation and empowerment including programs to positively impact homelessness, substance abuse, alcoholism & binge drinking, and self harm.

NISER – Playing with Possibilities

Kathryn Shewring & Aimee Stanyer
Directors | Playing with Possibilities

A creative organisation based on the Sunshine Coast deliviering empowering arts based workshops and seminars.