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In this age of a border-less economy and outsourcing, knowledge workers and virtual teams, the rules have changed. The days of the big leader (Churchill or Kennedy, even Gates or Jobs) are numbered. The explosion of free markets worldwide, the unparalleled access to knowledge through the Internet, flattening organizational hierarchies and virtual teams call for a new leadership model. But how do you lead effectively in the 21st century?

NISER programs are designed to support each individual in the development of their own style of leadership and their practice in each of these skills:

  • Creating and articulating a vision
  • Inspiring others to take part in the pursuit of this vision
  • Influencing and convincing key stakeholders
  • Managing people and projects to achieve results
  • Communicating effectively and appropriately at all levels of the organisation
  • Mentoring, coaching and developing others
  • Interacting with emotional awareness

Successful leadership coaching is achieved by challenging an individual’s perspective and allowing for different points of views and thus new supporting insights and new approaches or patterns of thinking which in-turn allows for unprecedented results.

NISER interacts with world leading edge Leadership and Coaching organisations and utilises technologies such as Swiss Consulting Group and Landmark Worldwide and can tailor a Leadership program for you and your organisation – designed specifically to enhance performance to outstanding levels.

Contact NISER Mob: 0417 792 944 or via email to discuss your Leadership Visions and how NISER can assist you to expand what is possible with you, your organisation and your projects.