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NISER has superior grant and tender writing experience. This includes all aspects of large or small project development from inception through to design, application, production and acquittal. This vast experience is available for your projects.

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Grants are funds set aside by government, business or a foundation to support a particular purpose. In most cases, for a project or proposal to qualify for grant funds, it must undergo an application and assessment process. And because grants tend to be allocated in a discretionary manner, there are skills involved in writing and winning grant applications.

Successful grant writing involves the coordination of several activities, including planning, searching for data and resources, writing and packaging a proposal, submitting the application and follow-up. NISER can provide assistance in preparing your application, including reporting, to ensure steps are followed correctly.

Each Grant differs in it’s requirements. NISER can assist in determining if there is a grant which suits your business or club objectives.

Grants are available for:

  • People or entities for business purposes such as seed capital for start-ups
  • Research and development or expansion programs
  • Sports and Recreational Clubs
  • Community Clubs
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Community Events
  • Festivals
  • Special needs

Grants & Funding for your group and individual projects

  • Sport & Recreation
    • Club Development Programs
    • Minor & Major Facilities
    • Gaming & Jupiters Casino Community Benefit Funds
  • Community
    • Organisational Development Programs
    • Employment & Training Programs
    • Gaming & Jupiters Casino Community Benefit Funds
    • Philanthropic Funding
  • Business
    • Funding Feasibility Studies
    • State & Federal Government Assistance Programs
    • Business Development Support Programs
    • Leadership & Training programs
  • Other
    • Arts Funding for Individuals & Groups
    • Schools Funding & Community Development Funding
    • Other Grants & Assistance Programs

In applying for grants and tenders you are competing against many others so it is important that you gain the edge.

NISER can provide that edge with our experienced and very skilled consultants.



Grant Development & Grant Writing Workshops Available
(Including in some instances FREE Workshops)

NISER offers specialised Grant-E-Nomics workshops. Our programs can be operated as cooperative ventures that utilize the resources and talents of local organizations. The cooperative community training and workshop programs are best conducted with the assistance of a community agency that serves as the host.

Hosts offer a supportive environment in which to conduct the training & workshops and they help to keep costs down and therefore more affordable for participants. By providing this service, hosts also enhance their own visibility and credibility in their communities and among peer institutions. Additionally, hosts can send two representatives to the training at no cost.

Benefits of Hosting – Hosts receive two full-tuition scholarships. In addition, hosts receive a complimentary NISER Organisational Membership, which provides access to NISER’s exclusive funding databases, substantial discounts on publications and seminars and proposal reviews by our trainers. Hosting also helps the host to network with other local agencies, institutions, the community and to build relationships with funding sources.


Successfully securing grants for your club, group, organisation or project – The Powerful NISER Workshop is all about:
Designing, Writing & Successfully Securing Grants

Designed for both novice and experienced grant seekers, this workshop covers the vital components of developing a proposal, searching for suitable grants, negotiating the necessary arrangements and writing a winning application.

During the workshop you will uncover potential funding sources and develop a proposal or work with a fellow participant to develop one. You will leave this workshop having gained new skills and the ability to apply those skills to the grant needs of your organization.

The workshop combines both instruction and practical exercises to take you step-by-step through the stages of a specific grant proposal. In the first part of the workshop you will learn about developing an appropriate ‘mind set’ to work on your grants and to identify the ‘critical’ grant and proposal components.

You will also evaluate sample grant applications to demonstrate some common pitfalls and examples of success.
In the second part of the workshop you will identify a specific funding source for your projects – for example, federal, state or local government, philanthropic or corporate. Then, you will prepare a draft proposal and present your proposal for review and receive feedback from the trainer and your fellow participants.

Course Details

  1. Are Grants Right for Your Organisation
  2. Pick a Grant
  3. Preparing Grant Applications
  4. Writing First Draft
  5. Writing the Application
  6. What’s Next
  7. Hot Tips

For Upcoming Course Details

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