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Community Economic Development

Facilitating Local Enterprise Development

The NISER package of Facilitating Enterprises is modelled on the work of Dr Ernesto Sirolli who says “the passion, entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity and the fundamental needs for love, respect, quality and beauty is found in every community. Every object that we use, the clothes on our backs, our houses, our food, our music, our beliefs and our pathways in the forest are the result of passionate people transforming their talents and visions into good work.

The ‘economy’ is nothing less than millions of people doing beautifully what they love doing. The better they are at it, the better the economy! The difference between poverty and riches is the presence, or not, of civic society, i.e. the combination of social conditions and reciprocity which allow creativity and intelligence to blossom or to wither and die.

Enterprise, entrepreneurship and self-employment are increasingly becoming viable economic alternatives to employment for people from all sectors of society. Millions of men and women, including minorities and immigrants, have both the means and the willingness to start their own enterprises. However, many never do …”

The secret of setting up sustainable enterprises is in structuring the enterprise ‘team’ and giving it competent and ‘in time’ support.