Are you and older Australian interested in enhancing your digital skills?

NISER and The Be Connected Network are supporting older Australians in the Pomona region of the Noosa Hinterland to engage with digital technology. This can include basic internet access skills right up to operating a digital business online.

In addition, you may be able to help us at NISER to help others. You could be one of our Digital Mentors. You don’t have to be overly technical, but you do need to be calm, patient and have some basic digital skills.

How can you help? A Digital Mentor is someone who can help people without digital skills to learn how to use the internet, so they can become confident and independent users.

Programs (weekly and monthly) are running throughout 2018 at the Tree House, 29 School Street, Pomona Queensland 4568.

You’ll also have free internet access on our computers if you don’t have your own device.

Call Charles 0417 792 944 or email for further information.