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The Matterhorn of Powerful Listening courtesy of Swiss Consulting Group. Listening: It is rare to find training focused on listening today. Many communication experts emphasise improving one’s speaking and presentation. However, listening is the silent partner in communication, it is often taken for granted. As your ability to listen moves toward the peak of mastery, it will yield powerful results for you, your team and your life.

Extraordinary Communication: What is it?

Communication is the ability to speak with other people, to listen and to respond to the communication. The art of communication is what sets us apart from other life forms. Because we can think, we can think about our thinking, or about what we have just said.

if we want to communicate extraordinarily well we need to willingly embrace our own observations of our thoughts, words and behaviours (or our already always listening) as well as willingly receive others’ feedback.

Why research and learn about Extraordinary Communication?

The ability to communicate extraordinarily well with people from all walks of life and all cultures, particularly those with different personalities or behaviours to ourself, is so important because it allows us to build rapport where rapport might otherwise not exist; it allows trust to be nurtured; it supports the exchange of ideas and thoughts in a safe manner and that keeps the lines of communication open.

The beauty of being a good communicator can never be underestimated and the value of being an extraordinary communicator cannot be calculated.

NISER is masterful at communication, research, training and development. Informed by conversations such as NLP, Landmark Worldwide and Swiss Consulting Group, to name a few of our powerful influences, we are able to assist your communication and communication programs – overall, to assist the success of your projects.

Life can be viewed as a network of conversations accessible via communication and with which you can create the future that you are committed to.

Learn the secrets to you being able to uncover and achieve your dreams and visions.

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